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5 Windows 10 Apps Worth a Spending a few Bucks on

Categories: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Apps

25 April

There’s no real risk in downloading free Windows 10 apps because you can always uninstall the ones you dislike. But when it comes to apps that cost money, you’ll want to make sure they provide enough bang for their buck.

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The Top 4 Most Terrifying Computer Viruses

Categories: computer security, computer virus, Cybersecurity, Ransomware

18 April

A while back we wrote a blog that discussed the inception and evolution of computer viruses. We focused on the ones that were the most important in terms of outlining how modern viruses, malware and ransomware were created. This time, we’re going to strictly discuss the world’s most horrifying computer bugs.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Features and More

Categories: smartphone, Android, Samsung Galaxy S8

11 April

At long last, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is ready to hit the market. In this blog, we’ll discuss our favorite features of the newest Galaxy as we excitedly anticipate its release. Let’s begin!

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5 Commonly Overlooked Information Security Risks for Businesses

Categories: business security, personal information, Cybersecurity, Information Security

04 April

Many businesses are blissfully unaware of the information security risks that plague them. If you’ve never been stressed about the safekeeping of your business’ data, this blog may change that.

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Ransomware Attacks now Target Remote Desktop Protocol

Categories: malware, Cybersecurity, Ransomware

30 March

Ransomware has gained serious notoriety over the last few years. Bugs like CryptoWall and Locky have claimed countless victims through a variety of tactics, particularly spoof emails. But recently, ransomware attacks have utilized a new point of entry to victims’ computers: Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol.

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The 5 Wildest Computer Hacking Cases of All Time

Categories: Cybersecurity, Hacking Cases

28 March

Time and time again, we see high-profile hacking cases popping up in the media. Cybersecurity is clearly an issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals. In this blog, we’ll take a look back at some of the most controversial examples of hacking that have ever happened.

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How Outsourced Tech Solutions Can Help your Business

Categories: IT support, Outsourced IT, Tech Solutions

21 March

If your business depends on technology to ensure smooth operations, you know how stressful and inconvenient it is when that technology malfunctions. Whether your infrastructure is faulty, your software is slow or you’ve suffered a data breach, outsourcing whoever’s in charge of your tech solutions is likely what your business needs.

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5 Subtle Signs You’ve Fallen Victim to a Data Breach

Categories: computer security, cyber security, Data Breach

14 March

There’s a good chance you’re aware of how terrifyingly clever cybercriminals have become in the last few years. Unfortunately, they’re great at their jobs, meaning it’s possible for them to conduct a successful data breach of your business without you even realizing.

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The 7 Sweetest Features of Android Nougat

Categories: android phone, Android, Android Nougat

07 March

The staggered release of Google’s latest and greatest operating system to Android devices has been frustrating for many, to say the least. But, as more and more devices receive the Android Nougat update, it pays to know what its best features are.

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5 Cool Features of Microsoft Edge

Categories: Microsoft Edge, Windows 10

28 February

While browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari have rightfully forced Internet Explorer into obscurity, the relatively-new Microsoft Edge is not to be slept on. And we’re about to tell you why.

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