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NetWars at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2013

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12 December

An individual’s technical skills can carry her professionally for quite a distance in virtually every industry. The world of cyber security is no exception to this rule, evidenced by a shift in hiring choices being made by many organizations, especially government agencies. In this day and age, protecting classified information is of utmost importance, and many employers are focused on filling their teams with people whose technical skills shine the brightest. If you asked the best of the best cyber security professionals, where do you think they’d say they gained their most valuable knowledge? It probably wasn’t in a lecture, that’s for sure.

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Amazon Prime Air -- When Did We Enter the World of The Jetsons?

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02 December

What will they think of next?! That seems to be the question every time some breakthrough technology emerges, and today is no different after Amazon’s latest announcement. Yesterday, news broke of their newest R&D lab project: Prime Air. As the leaders in shipping efficiency, it should come as no surprise that they’ve been cooking up another plan to somehow hasten their shipping process. How fast will shipping be using Prime Air, you ask? 30 minutes or less!

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