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Creating a User Friendly Social Media Content Strategy

Categories: content marketing

27 February

Content marketing has become the here-and-now of the marketing world in order to better engage and interact with consumers. But what exactly is it?

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Alternative to Putting Your Water-Logged Phone in Rice

Categories: TCI Tips, smartphone

27 February

Water, the bane of the smartphone’s existence, has been responsible for the deaths of Androids, iPhones, and pretty much every other neutral-colored, metal, and glass-covered mobile device. Users have gone out of their way to protect their companions, but the fact of the matter is they just keep finding their way into water--it’s the toilet, the bath tub, the pool, the sudden rainstorm of biblical proportions--the point is, there are lots of ways to destroy your phone, but there are only a few ways to bring them back.

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Apple's Latest Update iOS 7.0.6 to Fix SSL Bug

Categories: Apps and Tools, News

24 February

We weren’t kidding when we said that the Internet was abuzz with internet security concerns in a recent blog about password management, and Friday made that all the more clear as Apple released iOS 7.0.6. The update was released quietly, simply stating that prior to the update, “an attacker with privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.” What does this mean to those of us who aren’t fluent in the lingo? Update your iPhone immediately!

But what does this all mean if you’re not super techie? We’ll spell it out for you.

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Google Maps: Tips and Tricks

Categories: google, TCI Tips

21 February

Everybody has had that moment when they are trying to get somewhere, they’re running a little late, and they’re using Google Maps or another GPS device. Then they enter a dead zone. Even the calmest, most zen, person on the planet starts screaming expletives at their GPS wondering, “WHY? Why now?” Thanks to a new feature on Google Maps, we don’t have to be that angry person anymore. Instead, with a couple of clicks, we can save a map directly to our phones and getting lost becomes a thing of the past.

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Password Security in Light of Kickstarter Hackers

Categories: News, cyber security

19 February

There has been a recent surge in hacker activity; it seems like every week we get news of another security breach into the customer database of big-name companies. On Saturday, the crowd-funding site Kickstarter sent out an email to all registered users, and posted a blog on their website, notifying users of a security breach that occurred Wednesday night. Kickstarter was notified by law enforcement officials that their data had been compromised, and the immediately closed the breach and strengthened their security measures.

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IT Support Long Island: The Importance of Being Local

Categories: IT support

17 February

IT Support Long Island: We’ve Got Your Back

Search the web for IT support and there will be thousands of companies at your disposal. They might be able to offer similar services as TCI does, but how many of these companies offer immediate service and response for your business? With respect to IT Support in Long Island, being local is of the utmost importance and this is where TCI differs from the competition. TCI services well over a hundred business in Long Island, NYC, and Connecticut. We make sure your company is always connected by offering same day service for all your IT needs.

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Windows 8 Switch List – Learning Curve

Categories: TCI Tips

10 February

We’ve already discussed the Windows 8 Charms bar in a previous tech tip. Today we look at the Windows 8 “Switch List”. Similar to the Charms bar the Windows 8 Switch List is a navigation bar that only appears when it is activated. When it is activated your Switch List will be seen on the left hand side of the screen.

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