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How GCHQ May Have Seen You Naked

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29 April

Since his notorious intelligence leak back in June of 2013, Edward Snowden has become a household name. Surrounded by controversy, many are uncertain of the character of the man who exposed classified NSA documents to the press. Some will call him a traitor, while others sing his praises. With little agreement over whether to condemn or exonerate him, the American public can agree on one thing: we don’t want our private information monitored by the government.

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How Bluetooth Smart Technology Will Make for a Better, Safer Future

Categories: Apps and Tools, News

21 April

Calling all iPhone users (4S and above, at least)! If you have updated to iOS7, then you may want to check out the upper right corner of your home screen. There you will find (unless it has been turned off) a grey squiggle next to your battery. Your phone has been Bluetooth enabled, but that’s not entirely new. iPhones have worked with Bluetooth for a few years now, but something changed in 2011 after the release of the 4S—something that would change Bluetooth forever.

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How to Boost Your Company’s Findability

Categories: TCI Tips, Apps and Tools

18 April

Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to find your keys when you’re in a rush? They’re never where you’d expect them to be. You may have even bought that little $5 organizer thing that you promised yourself you’d always put your keys in after the last time your ripped apart half of your house trying to find them. But they’re not where you swore you’d leave them, and now you’re standing in the middle of a room full of all sorts of stuff—pillows, dog toys, blankets, clothes, books—everything except your keys. You turn over everything, and still haven’t found them. You’re about to throw your hands up and just call a cab, and suddenly something catches your eye. Your keys! But they’re all the way on top of the bookcase, and you’ll need a step stool to reach them (how’d they even get there, anyway?). You stretch as far as humanly possible, and you’re just able to wrap your finger around a keychain to tug them down from the shelf, when suddenly you lose your balance and come crashing down to the floor, along with your big screen TV. The room’s a mess, your TV’s broken, and on top of it all, you’re hurting pretty badly. But at least you found your keys, right?

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How Google Drive Stacks Up Against Office Online

Categories: TCI Tips, Apps and Tools, IT support

14 April

Microsoft Office has been the go-to office suite for businesses around the world since its introduction in November of 1990. With very few viable alternatives to choose from, small businesses have had to rely on the tech-giant’s applications for the better part of the last 24 years. The price of running the programs can cost small businesses a small fortune (Office Professional 2013 costs $399.99 per computer) that they could be spending elsewhere. But no other suitor existed, businesses were forced to pay for the software, and there were troubling times in the kingdom as the people waited for a champion.

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How to Protect Yourself from Hackers and Heartbleed

Categories: Apps and Tools, IT support, News

11 April

Two weeks ago, the Heartbleed Bug rocked the world (literally). Some are calling it the greatest security threat the Internet has ever seen, while others are less certain of the damage inflicted by the virus. The truth is, as of right now, we don’t know a whole lot about it, and sometimes not knowing how to protect yourself from hackers can be much more frightening than understanding the gravity of the situation.

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Windows XP Update: Preparing for the End of an Era

Categories: TCI Tips, News

07 April

Do you remember your first toy? For some people it was a teddy bear, for others it was a doll, and then there were those poor, unfortunate souls who got a pet rock. Regardless of what the toy was, people typically form a strong emotional attachment to that first toy. It’s the first thing you ever owned. That sticks with you, and it’s hard not to get nostalgic when you pull that bear off of the top shelf of the closet and clear off nearly three decades worth of dust.

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How Ancient Software Affects Your Bottom Line -- Upgrade Windows XP

Categories: TCI Tips, IT support

04 April

Upgrading all of the hardware in your workplace can be a bit scary. The common fears are a hefty, upfront cost, potentially losing data, and that any combination of the two could result in a loss of revenue for your company. For some Windows XP users, the thought of having to attempt such an overhaul may seem unappealing, but the long term benefits when you upgrade Windows XP to either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro will be a financial coup for your business.

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