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Android Marshmallow Key Features Make Users’ Lives Easier

Categories: News, Android

25 November

Android’s Marshmallow update is now available for certain, but not all, devices. While it’s not a complete overhaul of their Lollipop operating system, there will be some exciting updates. Below are our favorite Android Marshmallow key features.

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Why upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016

18 November

Microsoft recently released a major upgrade to its Office suite that further integrates its programs, including Word, Outlook and Excel, into a more shareable format. If you are considering upgrading, this is what to know about Microsoft Office 2016.

With its latest upgrade, Microsoft is touting enhanced on-the-go capability. It’s now easier to switch from one device to the next without losing your changes. Microsoft programs are fully compatible with any Windows 10-enabled device. Microsoft Office is no longer just an off-line application.

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The Most Controversial Hacking Cases of 2015

Categories: security, News, cyber security

11 November

controversial hacking cases of 2015

In 2015, as in past years, we’ve seen plenty of hacking cases that drew tons of attention from the media. From the celebrity iCloud hack to the scandalous data compromise of the Ashley Madison database, it’s been a busy year for hackers and security teams alike. So, without further ado, here are the most controversial hacking cases of 2015.

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The New Features of iOS9 You’ll Want Right Now

Categories: security, apple, iphone, new release

04 November

new features of iOS9

Soon after debuting the iPhone 6s, Apple has released a significant upgrade to its mobile operating system. With improvements across the board, the new features of iOS9 create an easier, more enjoyable experience.

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