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Why Your Business Needs the New, Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Categories: Windows 10, business computing

29 December

The recent Windows 10 upgrade (available for free for a limited time) offers a slew of new features on an enhanced operating system. Find out how it has the potential to increase workers’ productivity.

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How to Make Your Computer Faster: the 7 Best Tips

Categories: TCI Tips

21 December

We all know a slow computer can be an absolute nightmare. It always seems that when you have an important document to print, something to buy online or a bill to pay, your computer decides to slow down drastically. To free yourself of frustration, try out some of these tips on how to make your computer faster.

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Brush Up On Cyber Safety Before Holiday Shopping

Categories: safety, online shopping, cyber security

10 December

Online holiday shopping has become as much a tradition as caroling and tree decorating. In fact, consumers spent about $53 billion online during the 2014 holiday season. With all the money being spent, hackers and fraudsters have seized the opportunity to fatten their own wallets during the holidays. We’ve seen some serious hacking cases in 2015, and cybercriminals have shown no signs of slowing down. That’s why it’s important to have an understanding of cyber safety while you shop online.

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Clever Technology Life Hacks You Need to Know

Categories: TCI Tips

04 December


It’s easy to forget how much technology improves our lives. To remind everyone of the power of computing, we are highlighting ingenious ways to improve upon its progress even further. Our nine clever life hacks take the latest tech to the next level.

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