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Does your Business have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

Categories: IT, IT disaster recovery plan, disaster recovery plan

24 February

While it’s nearly impossible to avert an oncoming disaster, businesses who are prepared will fare far better in the face of an unexpected problem like an infestation of malware. An IT disaster recovery plan can save your company time and money when things go wrong.

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Increase Productivity with our Microsoft Outlook Tips

Categories: email tips, Microsoft Outlook

17 February

Microsoft Outlook is the go-to email client for many offices. Outlook has a ton of bells and whistles that can make your life much easier when you use them properly. To help you maximize your email efficiency, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Microsoft Outlook tips.

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What is Malware, and how can I Avoid it?

Categories: malware, IT support, what is malware, computer virus

10 February

Whether they know it or not, any person who has used a computer has been confronted with malware. But what is malware, anyway, and how can it be prevented from infecting a computer?

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How Secure is My Password? Probably not Secure Enough

Categories: TCI Tips, password protection, cyber security

03 February

When you think about the number of hacking cases we’ve seen over the years, it begs the question: how secure is my password? For most people, the answer is not as secure as you think. In fact, “123456” and “password” were the most commonly used of 2015. To make sure your greatest line of defense against cybersecurity disasters is as strong as possible, familiarize yourself with these best practices.

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