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Common Facebook Scams and How to Avoid Them

Categories: internet safety, facebook

24 April


Criminals are engaged in many types of Facebook scams. At TCI Technologies, our goal is to help you stay safe while browsing the Web. Here's what to look out for to protect your personal privacy.

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A Guide to the Best Browsers for Secure Internet Searches

Categories: internet browser, internet safety

19 April

Your Internet browsing activities expose you to security and privacy threats. Malware can infect your system, advertisers can follow your every move and hackers can compromise sensitive data through keyloggers and phishing attacks. Protect yourself by exploring the best browsers for secure Internet searches.

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How to Block Spam Emails From Creeping Into Your Inbox

Categories: email, security

11 April

You can easily learn how to block spam emails at in Outlook and Gmail. The different types of spam emails include unwanted marketing, phishing schemes that masquerade as friendly emails, and identity theft operations that request your user name, password and credit card information. Here are some helpful tips for how to block and report spam.

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Effective Email Organization Tips to Keep You Sane at Work

Categories: TCI Tips, email

05 April

Many offices use email as a critical communication tool, but it's easy for your inbox to become a source of stress. You have important business messages, useless newsletters and unending spam vying for your attention. It's no wonder Adobe discovered people spend an average of 3.2 hours per day checking their work email. Don't let email stress rule your work life -- stay sane with these email organization tips.

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