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8 Browser Shortcuts to Help Make your Life Easier

Categories: TCI Tips, The Internet

17 May

Internet browsers are designed to streamline your experience as your surf the net. Shortcuts aside, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, which is a Windows 10 exclusive, are already extremely useful and provide great data security. But, when you mix in these user-friendly browser shortcuts, life gets even easier.

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How to Organize Computer Files and Clean Up your Desktop

Categories: TCI Tips

10 May

A messy, unorganized computer can impede your workflow and cause unneeded stress. It’s easy to let your computer get cluttered with old documents and outdated folders. But once you know how to organize computer files the right way, you’ll be on your way to an easy-to-navigate computer.

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New Features to Expect from the Windows 10 Update

Categories: Windows 10

03 May

Microsoft recently announced their plans to roll out Windows 10 Build 14328. According to Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s Vice President, this update is a “MAJOR build.” Though this new build, known as the “Anniversary Update,” has no specific release date as of yet, it’s set to come out sometime during the summer of 2016. As we anticipate what is possibly the biggest Windows 10 update yet, we’ve decided to detail some of the features for which we’re most excited.  

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