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7 Technology Trends You Should Expect in 2017

Categories: technology, Tech Gadgets

27 December

The ever-changing landscape of technology is so interesting to monitor. There are always cool new products coming out, touching our lives for better or worse. So join us as we excitedly anticipate these technology trends for 2017!

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How to Secure your Google Account

Categories: Cybersecurity, Google Account

21 December

There’s a good chance that your Google account houses tons of valuable personal information. If you use Gmail as your email client, Chrome for browsing the web or have an Android phone, you’re using Google a whole lot more than you may realize. That said, you’ll want your account to be as secure as possible.

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The 5 Best Technology Gifts for a Business Owner

Categories: Tech Gadgets, Holiday Shopping

14 December

The holiday season is in the air. It’s about time you got that special business owner in your life a present, whether it’s your boss or a family member. To save you from some unneeded stress, we’ve put together this list of the best technology gifts for a business owner.

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8 Identity Theft Protection Tips for Holiday Shopping

Categories: Cybersecurity, Holiday Shopping

12 December

Opportunistic cybercriminals love this time of year just as much as anyone who can’t stop quoting “Elf” or belting out Christmas carols at inappropriate times. The holidays mean lots of people are shopping. Which also means they’re entering their credit card information often. While you’re shopping, use these identity theft protection tips to your advantage.

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The Best Budget App to Manage Your Finances

Categories: smartphone, mobile apps

06 December

It’s no secret that we love user-friendly smartphone and computer apps that make our lives easier. We’ve written two blogs about productivity apps in the past (which you can read here and here), and now we’re back to talk about choosing the right budget app.

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