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How to Use Google Assistant for Better Productivity

Categories: google, google assistant, virtual assistant

31 January

While some people are quick to compare Google Assistant to Siri, they’re just not the same. Google’s virtual assistant is much more helpful, and in this blog, we’re going to teach you how to use it.

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4 Steps to Sending a Secure Email

Categories: email, security, email tips, Cybersecurity

24 January

As a businessperson, a hacked email can have devastating results. At best, the hacker sends a few spam emails to your contacts, tarnishing your reputation. At worst, sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. With the increasing number of hacking cases, knowing how to send a secure email is more important than ever.

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Is it Possible to Get an Android Virus?

Categories: malware removal, virus protection, malware defense, android phone, Android, Mobile security

17 January

For whatever reason, many people are under the impression that their smartphones are impervious to cyberattacks. The source of this myth is unknown, but it’s certainly founded on falsehoods. To prevent your device from suffering an Android virus that renders it useless and steals your information, take these steps to security.

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How to Stop Windows Update from Running so Slowly

Categories: windows update, windows, Windows 7

10 January

If you’re a Windows 7 user, you might be curious as to why update scans are taking hours, even days, to complete. There’s a Microsoft-related reason why Windows Update is taking ages to work. Luckily, there’s also a fix for it.

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5 Wearable Tech Gadgets that Can Change the Face of Business

Categories: wearables, Tech Gadgets

03 January

Technology has shaped the way in which businesses operate for centuries. Each year, new trends emerge that streamline business operations. In this blog, we’ll focus on some of our favorite wearable tech gadgets that can be used in the workplace.

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