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5 Common Types of Viruses you Should Know About

Categories: virus protection, computer virus, Cybersecurity, Information Security

23 May

Computer viruses have been around since shortly after the internet’s inception. While virtually everyone is aware of their existence, few people are familiar with the types of viruses and how they harm the computers they infect.

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WannaCry Ransomware: What is it, and how do I Stop it?

Categories: Cybersecurity, Ransomware, WannaCry Ransomware

17 May

The outbreak of the ransomware, known as WannaCry, has quickly become one of the worst cyberattacks in recent memory. On Friday, May 12, 2017, it began infecting thousands upon thousands of computers around the globe, destroying countless files in the process. Here’s everything we know about the WannaCry ransomware attack so far.

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What is Virtualization? Is it Different from Cloud Computing?

Categories: Cloud IT, cloud computing, Virtualization

16 May

At one point or another, many small businesses need to upgrade their technology to operate as efficiently as possible. There comes a time when they may ask the questions “what is virtualization? Does my business need it? Is it different from cloud computing?” This blog will answer them.

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5 Signs it’s Time for a Software Update

Categories: business computing, Software, Software Update

09 May

When you’ve worked yourself into a routine of any sort, you become comfortable and content. That makes it hard to see when it’s time for a change. To help yourself out of the mundane and into something better, we’ll help you figure out if your business needs a software update.

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What is the Deep Web, and what is the Dark Web?

Categories: internet, internet safety, Deep Web

02 May

When the term “deep web” is thrown around, people typically have one of two reactions. They either ask “What is the deep web?” or they say something like “I heard there’s all sorts of awful stuff on there.” In this blog, we’ll discuss what exactly the deep web is.

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