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How a Managed Services Provider Protects Businesses from Hackers

Categories: Managed Services, Managed Services Provider

26 September

When small businesses are targeted by cyberattacks, the results are catastrophic. Lost revenue, broken technology and a tarnished brand reputation can cause irreparable harm to even the most thriving companies. That’s why more and more business owners are entrusting their cybersecurity measures to a managed services provider.

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The 7 Sweetest Android Oreo Features

Categories: android phone, Android, Android Oreo

19 September

Android Oreo was officially unveiled on August 23, and is expected to be available on most Android-friendly devices by February 2018. As with past Android updates, Oreo has been met with mixed reactions by users. If it’s not yet available on your device to test for yourself, read this blog to learn about some of the best new Android Oreo features.

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Understanding Cloud Services for Business: a Simple Explanation

Categories: Cloud IT, cloud services

12 September

Anyone researching technology solutions for their business has certainly encountered tons of information about “the cloud.” It sounds like a lofty, complicated tech term, but in reality, cloud services are rather easy to understand.

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Adobe Flash End-of-Life: what does it Mean for Businesses?

Categories: Adobe Flash update, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flash

05 September

Adobe Flash, the software that once provided the best way to run animations on the internet, is nearing its final days. After several subtle indications over the last few years that the end was near, Adobe itself has finally announced plans to cease its distribution. Here’s what you need to know about Adobe Flash end-of-life.

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