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What is a Bring your Own Device Policy?

Categories: Mobile security, Bring your Own Device

30 January

Since more and more businesses are allowing employees to use their own devices at the office and to work remotely from other locations, forward-thinking companies have begun issuing “bring your own device” policies. Here’s what that means.

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What is 5G, and what makes it so Special?

Categories: Wireless Internet, 5G

23 January

Mobile telecommunications seem to evolve with each new smartphone that comes out. The iPhone 8 is better than the 7, the Google Pixel 2 is better than the first version. The same goes for mobile internet—4G is better than 3G. Of course, 5G will be the best. In this blog, we discuss what is 5G, and why it will change the way we think about mobile internet usage.

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How to Delete Cookies and Clear Cache on your Web Browser

Categories: internet browser, web browsers, Cache, Cookies

16 January

Anyone who uses the internet (basically everyone) should know how to delete cookies and clear cache on their browser. If you’re unsure of what this means or don’t know how to do so, you’ve come to the right place.

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How to Avoid Ransomware Attacks in 2018

Categories: Cybersecurity, Ransomware, Information Security

09 January

The frequency of ransomware attacks exploded between 2016 and 2017, and there’s no sign that they’re just going to disappear any time soon. Quite the opposite, actually: hackers are designing even more complex attacks that are harder to identify and remove. Use this information to understand how they work and avoid them.

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