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What is Phishing, and is it Dangerous?

Categories: Cybersecurity, Phishing, Spoofs

15 August

Of all the common cyberattacks we see, phishing is perhaps the most dangerous because there is no single, foolproof way to prevent it. Rather than ask, “What is phishing?” after you’ve already fallen victim, learn to stay ahead of the hackers.

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DIY Computer Service Tips for a Faster, More Organized Machine

Categories: Computer Service, Faster Computer, Computer Organization

08 August

A slow, unorganized computer is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things to deal with in both your personal or professional life. We understand that, so we’d like to share with you some top tips for optimizing your machine, straight from a computer service expert.

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5 Crucial Data Loss Prevention Tips for Office 365 Users

Categories: Data Breach, Data Loss Prevention, Office 365

01 August

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-in-one package that includes apps that are vital to business operations. Hackers know how widely Office 365 is used in the business world, and have designed cyberattacks intended to exploit it. These data loss prevention tips will combat them.

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How Small Businesses can Combat Credit Card Fraud

Categories: small business, Cybersecurity, Credit Cards, Business, Fraud

25 July

Credit card fraud is on the rise, and, unfortunately, small businesses are top targets. No matter the type of product or service your business sells, it’s potentially susceptible to fraud. That’s why it’s important to recognize and avoid today’s common scams.

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5 Signs your Business Phone System is Outdated

Categories: VoIP, Business VoIP, Business, Business Phone System

18 July

Despite the proliferation of text messaging, video conferencing and emails, having a reliable business phone system is crucial to smooth operations. You may not even realize that your business’ telecommunications are outdated simply because you’re so used to the way they work. If the following points speak to you, it’s time to upgrade.

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DDoS Attack Survival Guide: is your Business Prepared?

Categories: Cybersecurity, Information Security

11 July

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can cripple a business’ internet and technology operations indefinitely. Even scarier, it’s almost impossible to prevent a DDoS attack from taking place. Mitigating their impact is all about response and recovery.

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What is Artificial Intelligence, and how can it be used in Business?

Categories: small business, Artificial Intelligence

04 July

As it grows in popularity, more and more clients have asked “What is artificial intelligence?” It sounds like something found only in science fiction movies, but it’s quickly becoming more commonplace in both personal and business life.

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What is Considered to be the Best Web Browser for Business?

Categories: internet browser, The Internet, web browsers

27 June

With so many options available, it can be tough to choose the best web browser for your business. The only way to decide is to examine the features and functions of each. Let’s begin.

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What is a VPN, and does your Business Need One?

Categories: VPN

20 June

Small business owners may have come across the abbreviation “VPN” as they’ve researched technology solutions for their company. However, many articles on the internet toss around complicated jargon like “Tunneling Protocol” and “TCP port,” as if everyone familiar with those terms. Rather than bore you with that nonsense, we’re going to straightforwardly answer the questions: what is a VPN, and is it right for your business?

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What is Active Directory, and Why is it Important for Business?

Categories: active directory, what is active directory

13 June

If you’ve been looking into tech solutions for your business, you may have heard the term Active Directory a few times. However, we’ve found that many clients are unfamiliar with it, and sometimes have a hard time deciding whether or not it’s right for their business. In this blog, we’ll answer the question: what is Active Directory?

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