Last week we covered how you can set up email on your iPhone 5 but, we realized we were leaving out our readers who did not have iPhones. So, in our blog this week, we figured we would go over how to set up email on Android (since that seems to be the next most popular smartphone for consumers). With email on Android you should be able to be more mobile, more productive and more responsive to the requests of your co-workers, employees and clients. Without further ado, here is our 6 step guide on how to set up email on Android.

How to Set Up Email on Android in 6 Steps

1. Select Email

Through the Applications menu, please select Email. For some users it may be called Mail (it just depends on the phone you're using and the software you're using).

2. Enter Your Email Address

After selecting Email, a small form will pop up that will require you to enter your email address and password. Once you are finished, select next and proceed.

3. Select Exchange Account

Now, you could also select an IMAP account or a POP account on your Android. But, we are going to focus mainly on Exchange accounts in this blog. For further information on IMAP or POP please follow this link. To select an Exchange account, just press on the Exchange account box (or the Exchange ActiveSync box).

4. Fill Out the Following Form

Here you will be required to enter your Domain\Username (unless the Domain box is a separate text box, in which case leave it empty and only enter your email address), your Password and your Exchange Server. Your phone should then verify the server settings.

5. Adjust Your Account Options

The Account Options screen will allow you to adjust your email checking frequency, the amount of email you want to synchronize, notifications and which contacts you would like to sync. Feel free to play around with those settings to find the functions that work best for you.

6. Choose a Name for Your Account

Congratulations! You have almost learned to set up email on Android. Just select a name for your account and select Done.

That's it, you're all set! With email on Android you'll be able to be more mobile, more responsive and (potentially) more productive. If you have any further questions on how to set up email on Android please feel free to contact us at 516-484-5151. Happy Holidays!

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