IT Support Long Island: We’ve Got Your Back

Search the web for IT support and there will be thousands of companies at your disposal. They might be able to offer similar services as TCI does, but how many of these companies offer immediate service and response for your business? With respect to IT Support in Long Island, being local is of the utmost importance and this is where TCI differs from the competition. TCI services well over a hundred business in Long Island, NYC, and Connecticut. We make sure your company is always connected by offering same day service for all your IT needs.

The benefits of being local are almost impossible to ignore. Onsite issues are sometimes unavoidable and cannot be fixed by placing a simple phone call, or having one of our techs remote into your PC. Issues that have to do with networks, running lines, power, or server crashes cannot be fixed unless one of our highly skilled technitians is able to make it out to your business immediately. Our versatile staff is available, even when you aren’t, to make sure your systems are always in proper working order. We attribute our high rate of success and customer satisfaction to our ability to respond and analyze situations quickly and efficiently. We solve issues, no matter what they are faster because we are closer. So think about it the next time you go looking for IT Support here in Long Island, because only TCI Technologies has what it takes to be where you are, when you need us most.

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