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5 Signs your Business Phone System is Outdated

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18 July

Despite the proliferation of text messaging, video conferencing and emails, having a reliable business phone system is crucial to smooth operations. You may not even realize that your business’ telecommunications are outdated simply because you’re so used to the way they work. If the following points speak to you, it’s time to upgrade.

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What are the Benefits of Using VoIP for Business?

Categories: VoIP, small business, Business VoIP

22 June

All businesses, both small and large, need efficient methods of telecommunication in order to operate smoothly. Cost effectiveness, reliability and capability are often concerns of business owners when they consider buying a new product. Luckily, all three of those things are major benefits of using VoIP for business!

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The Office Phone Redefined - Smart VoIP Solutions

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07 March

The Internet is constantly changing the way people do business. In a world where efficient solutions are constantly being pursued, it was only a matter of time before an alternative to the way we handle phone systems came about. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the revolutionary concept of converting analog audio signals, such as those used on a landline telephones, into digital data capable of being transmitted over the Internet. It’s changed the way we use the office phone, for good.

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