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How to Use Google Assistant for Better Productivity

Categories: google, google assistant, virtual assistant

31 January

While some people are quick to compare Google Assistant to Siri, they’re just not the same. Google’s virtual assistant is much more helpful, and in this blog, we’re going to teach you how to use it.

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Google Maps: Tips and Tricks

Categories: google, TCI Tips

21 February

Everybody has had that moment when they are trying to get somewhere, they’re running a little late, and they’re using Google Maps or another GPS device. Then they enter a dead zone. Even the calmest, most zen, person on the planet starts screaming expletives at their GPS wondering, “WHY? Why now?” Thanks to a new feature on Google Maps, we don’t have to be that angry person anymore. Instead, with a couple of clicks, we can save a map directly to our phones and getting lost becomes a thing of the past.

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