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Ransomware Attacks now Target Remote Desktop Protocol

Categories: malware, Cybersecurity, Ransomware

30 March

Ransomware has gained serious notoriety over the last few years. Bugs like CryptoWall and Locky have claimed countless victims through a variety of tactics, particularly spoof emails. But recently, ransomware attacks have utilized a new point of entry to victims’ computers: Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol.

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Locky Virus: The Latest Ransomware of 2016

Categories: malware, Cybersecurity, Ransomware

07 June

While its name sounds kind of silly, the Locky Virus has been one of the most active and dangerous malwares of 2016. One of the latest examples of ransomware, Locky essentially holds your files hostage by encrypting them. It then prompts you to pay Bitcoins to recover your files, similarly to CryptoWall.

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What is Malware, and how can I Avoid it?

Categories: malware, IT support, what is malware, computer virus

10 February

Whether they know it or not, any person who has used a computer has been confronted with malware. But what is malware, anyway, and how can it be prevented from infecting a computer?

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