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5 Wearable Tech Gadgets that Can Change the Face of Business

Categories: wearables, Tech Gadgets

03 January

Technology has shaped the way in which businesses operate for centuries. Each year, new trends emerge that streamline business operations. In this blog, we’ll focus on some of our favorite wearable tech gadgets that can be used in the workplace.

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7 Technology Trends You Should Expect in 2017

Categories: technology, Tech Gadgets

27 December

The ever-changing landscape of technology is so interesting to monitor. There are always cool new products coming out, touching our lives for better or worse. So join us as we excitedly anticipate these technology trends for 2017!

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The 5 Best Technology Gifts for a Business Owner

Categories: Tech Gadgets, Holiday Shopping

14 December

The holiday season is in the air. It’s about time you got that special business owner in your life a present, whether it’s your boss or a family member. To save you from some unneeded stress, we’ve put together this list of the best technology gifts for a business owner.

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6 Travel Gadgets You Need for your Upcoming Business Trip

Categories: Tech Gadgets

26 July

Businesspeople often hate traveling for work. It’s a lot like traveling for pleasure, except all those flight delays and cancellations don’t result in leisure time spent in a scenic European city or seaside resort. To make your next business trip a little less infuriating, check out this list of our favorite travel gadgets.

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