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6 OneNote Tips and Shortcuts for Maximum Productivity

Categories: TCI Tips, microsoft office, tech tips

04 October

Microsoft OneNote is a must-have for anyone who takes a ton of notes, attends several meetings per week or works in teams often. It keeps that overwhelming flow of information packaged neatly in an organized fashion. If you’ve had a bit of trouble using it, or you just want to sharpen your skills, this list of OneNote tips is the list for you!

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Is it Time to Upgrade your Office Technology?

Categories: tech tips, technology, office productivity

12 July

The rapid evolution of technology leaves most people playing catchup. It’s costly to always have the latest and greatest gadgets, and the average business doesn’t have thousands of dollars lying around to upgrade their equipment monthly. There’s a fine line between using outdated office technology and making unnecessary purchases, so we’ve decided to provide some insight on the matter.

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How to Identify a Spoof Email vs. a Real Email

Categories: safety, tech tips, Cybersecurity

05 July

We’ve all received spam emails before, and most of us are pretty good at identifying which messages are phony without even opening them. However, there is a sinister breed of spam emails that employ familiar email addresses to send fake messages, enticing even the foremost cybersecurity experts to open them. It’s called the spoof email.

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How to Store Passwords to Keep Your Business Data Safe

Categories: security, tech tips

22 March

Did you know that 47 percent of the American population has had their personal information exposed by hackers? Or that a hacker could crack an eight-character lowercase passcode in only two hours? There is a solution: A password manager can reduce the chance of your valuable information being stolen by data thieves and provide you with peace of mind. Here are three tips on how to store passwords in order to prevent a data breach.

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