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7 Technology Trends You Should Expect in 2017

Categories: technology, Tech Gadgets

27 December

The ever-changing landscape of technology is so interesting to monitor. There are always cool new products coming out, touching our lives for better or worse. So join us as we excitedly anticipate these technology trends for 2017!

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Which Video Conferencing Solution is Best for your Business?

Categories: gear review, technology

19 July

If your business has employees who are always on the go, you know how hard it is to get everyone together for a team meeting. Many businesses have considered implementing a video conferencing solution to solve the problem of conflicting schedules. But, since there are so many programs out there, how do you know which is the best?

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Is it Time to Upgrade your Office Technology?

Categories: tech tips, technology, office productivity

12 July

The rapid evolution of technology leaves most people playing catchup. It’s costly to always have the latest and greatest gadgets, and the average business doesn’t have thousands of dollars lying around to upgrade their equipment monthly. There’s a fine line between using outdated office technology and making unnecessary purchases, so we’ve decided to provide some insight on the matter.

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Amazon Prime Air -- When Did We Enter the World of The Jetsons?

Categories: News, technology

02 December

What will they think of next?! That seems to be the question every time some breakthrough technology emerges, and today is no different after Amazon’s latest announcement. Yesterday, news broke of their newest R&D lab project: Prime Air. As the leaders in shipping efficiency, it should come as no surprise that they’ve been cooking up another plan to somehow hasten their shipping process. How fast will shipping be using Prime Air, you ask? 30 minutes or less!

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