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5 Common Types of Viruses you Should Know About

Categories: virus protection, computer virus, Cybersecurity, Information Security

23 May

Computer viruses have been around since shortly after the internet’s inception. While virtually everyone is aware of their existence, few people are familiar with the types of viruses and how they harm the computers they infect.

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Is it Possible to Get an Android Virus?

Categories: malware removal, virus protection, malware defense, android phone, Android, Mobile security

17 January

For whatever reason, many people are under the impression that their smartphones are impervious to cyberattacks. The source of this myth is unknown, but it’s certainly founded on falsehoods. To prevent your device from suffering an Android virus that renders it useless and steals your information, take these steps to security.

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Protect Yourself Against the CryptoLocker Virus!

Categories: virus protection, News

22 October

There’s a new virus causing potentially irreparable damage spreading across the entire internet. CryptoLocker is a ransomware program that infects entire computer networks and encrypts many file types, causing potentially irreparable damage. The virus enters an individual system when a user clicks a link, often sent via email that opens the door for the virus. At this point, the virus saves itself as a randomly named file, where it begins to wreak its havoc. The infection attempts to communicate with a server that the hackers have set up, which returns an encryption key to the virus. Using this encryption key, CryptoLocker will then scan all physical and mapped network drives connected to your computer for files with the following extensions:

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