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Windows S Mode Set to Be Released in 2019

Categories: Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Apps

20 March

In 2019, Microsoft will roll out a new option for the Windows 10 operating system. It’s called “Windows S Mode.” Here’s what we know about it so far.

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5 Cool Features of Microsoft Edge

Categories: Microsoft Edge, Windows 10

28 February

While browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari have rightfully forced Internet Explorer into obscurity, the relatively-new Microsoft Edge is not to be slept on. And we’re about to tell you why.

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Genius Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Categories: Windows 10, productivity tips

01 November

One criticism of Windows 10 is that its interface is catered largely to touchscreens. Though it’s a valid argument, traditional PC users still have plenty of keyboard shortcuts at their disposal, helping them save time and boost productivity.

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The 7 Best Windows 10 Apps for Business

Categories: Apps and Tools, Windows 10

25 October

A while back, we wrote a blog about five of our favorite productivity apps. We still love all the software listed in that blog, but there’s just so much more out there that we’d like to share. So without further ado, here are seven of the best Windows 10 apps for business.

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How to Sync Android and Windows 10 Notifications

Categories: Windows 10, Android, microsoft

27 September

If you want to get notifications on your Windows 10 PC from your mobile device, Microsoft won’t make you purchase a Windows Phone. All you have to do is learn how to sync Android with Windows 10, which we explain in this guide!

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New Features to Expect from the Windows 10 Update

Categories: Windows 10

03 May

Microsoft recently announced their plans to roll out Windows 10 Build 14328. According to Gabe Aul, Microsoft’s Vice President, this update is a “MAJOR build.” Though this new build, known as the “Anniversary Update,” has no specific release date as of yet, it’s set to come out sometime during the summer of 2016. As we anticipate what is possibly the biggest Windows 10 update yet, we’ve decided to detail some of the features for which we’re most excited.  

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Why Your Business Needs the New, Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Categories: Windows 10, business computing

29 December

The recent Windows 10 upgrade (available for free for a limited time) offers a slew of new features on an enhanced operating system. Find out how it has the potential to increase workers’ productivity.

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