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13 Jun

What is Active Directory, and Why is it Important for Business?

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If you’ve been looking into tech solutions for your business, you may have heard the term Active Directory a few times. However, we’ve found that many clients are unfamiliar with it, and sometimes have a hard time deciding whether or not it’s right for their business. In this blog, we’ll answer the question: what is Active Directory?

What is Active Directory?

Without getting overly technical, Active Directory is a database system that connects all of the individual machines on a network. It allows an administrator to control every computer on the network, as well as facilitates easier sharing of information between machines.

Now that we’ve provided a working answer to the question “what is Active Directory?” we’ll discuss the ways in which it can simplify a business’ technology operations.

How Can it Benefit your Business?

Administrative Control

Since Active Directory grants control of all machines on a network to the administrator, that person is able to oversee anything that happens on the domain.

This makes it easier to implement specific settings and grant certain rights and privileges to users on the network.

Central Storage

Active Directory domains also provide a centralized storage repository for users’ files. By saving files to the central server, other users on the domain can access them if necessary.

Better Backup

Data storage and backup go hand-in-hand. Without a central storage domain, users are only able to save their files to their local drives. If a user’s machine is infiltrated by a cyberattack, all of the files on that machine may become inaccessible. However, if they were saved to a central storage location, it would be remarkably easier to recover them.

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Easy Logins

Once Active Directory is in place, logging into your machine becomes easier. Essentially, when you log into a machine on the network, the machine and network communicate back and forth. The network will verify the password and automatically grant rights and privileges to the user, such as logging into their Outlook account.

Improved Security

Since the network administrator has the ability to control whatever happens on the domain, they’re able to implement new security measures when necessary. This includes installing a new antivirus software onto each machine, or making certain sensitive documents inaccessible so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Cut Costs

When clients ask “what is Active Directory?” their next question usually has to do with how much it costs. The answer is that it saves money in the long run. All of the above benefits of Active Directory streamline IT operations in a way that drastically reduces IT costs and overheads.

Since Active Directory is easier to scale up or down than it is to install in the first place, it’s best to implement it as soon as possible. This way, if your business grows, all you have to do is add a new machine to the network.

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