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07 Apr

Windows XP Update: Preparing for the End of an Era

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Do you remember your first toy? For some people it was a teddy bear, for others it was a doll, and then there were those poor, unfortunate souls who got a pet rock. Regardless of what the toy was, people typically form a strong emotional attachment to that first toy. It’s the first thing you ever owned. That sticks with you, and it’s hard not to get nostalgic when you pull that bear off of the top shelf of the closet and clear off nearly three decades worth of dust.

Some people might hold it for a while, or give it to their kids so they can play with it (which is cute), but very few people in their 30s still play make-believe with Jimbo the Bear. Why? It’s weird (and creepy). The same principle holds true for old operating systems. There may be some nostalgia associated with the first computer you ever bought, but it can’t compete with the computers we have today. Times have changed and when one era ends another begins. Windows XP is swiftly approaching the end of its time as Microsoft will stop providing security updates for the outdated OS on April 8th. People have moved on, and here’s why you should too.

Security Breach!

When Microsoft stops providing security updates tomorrow, XP will become the least secure operating system on planet Earth. If you still use XP, a potential breach will not only affect your business, but your client’s business as well. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will move elsewhere to conduct their transactions in order to minimize their losses. The old OS will damage your company’s ability to be both secure and competitive; two factors that are essential to your bottom line.

What Exactly Happens on April 8th?

Here’s a list of what Microsoft will and will not offer after the deadline:

  1. Microsoft will no longer produce any new security patches
  2. Microsoft will not offer tech support for Windows XP
  3. You will still be able to use the insecure operating system after the deadline
  4. Microsoft will extend support for Windows XP in the UK for another 12 months

If you live in the United States and still want to run XP securely then you may have to take your company on a 12 month hiatus to the United Kingdom. That could get costly though and it may make more financial sense to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 (much to the chagrin of your employees).

April 8th, 2014 looks like the last day that Microsoft will support Windows XP in the United States of America. We strongly urge that you upgrade to a different operating system. It’s been a great run XP, but times have changed.

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Author: Devin Aiken