In our last post, we talked about some of the advantages of using Active Directory for your business. To illustrate just how important Active Directory is to the success and efficiency of your business, we wanted to give you an example of what could happen to a company that isn’t using Active Directory.


Last week we introduced a fictional office of five employees who are running independent workgroups. Phil has been working on a big project for a client, and all of the information regarding the project is stored on his machine locally (because none of the machines are communicating on a domain). The client comes into the office and has questions that cannot be answered without consulting some of the documents that Phil has been working on, but Phil is out for the day.

In order to access those files, someone else in the office needs to have the credentials for Phil’s machine (his username and password), so that they can log onto his machine to access the locally-stored files. If Phil’s username and password aren’t readily available (which is likely), you’ll have to ask your client to sit and wait while you find a way to access the information.

Benefits of Active Directory

If you were using Active Directory to link all of your computers on a global domain, it wouldn’t matter if Phil was in the office or out of the country—everyone would have access to shared drives on the network. Even if Phil had saved the files he’d been working on locally on his machine’s hard drive, all drives on the network are mapped, giving the network administrator remote access to all drives. With a few simple clicks, the documents are located and printed, and you can quickly answer all of your client’s questions.

Not only does this make the job less stressful, it makes your organization look better, and reinforces your client’s confidence in your company and the services that you provide.

Active Directory is one of the most valuable tools that you can equip your work team with to ensure their success. It streamlines your workflow by providing easy access to important documents for all users on the network, and gives your network administrator extensive control of the permissions that are granted across the network.

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