Cloud Technology Continues to Grow Despite Encryption Concerns

When you think cloud, you typically think gigantic white fluffy thing that’s mostly water vapor and takes a bunch of random shapes. They look like gigantic pillows. Not exactly the most terrifying...

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Dropbox is Failing and Winter is Coming; Is OneDrive the Future?

Clouds, clouds, clouds. We just can’t stop talking about them. From Box, to Dropbox, to other cloud technology services named after boxes, there seems to be no shortage of cloud storage options for...

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Wearable Technology Suffering an Identity Crisis

Since the advent of the smartphone consumers, have been looking for the ‘next big thing’ in commercial mobile technology. That future was predicted to come in the form of small, mobile devices that...

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Zero Day Exploit is Cause for Concern for IE Users

Load your anti-virus software, back up your hard drives, and prepare yourself for the internet hack of a lifetime. Wait…put everything on hold for a minute. Microsoft just issued a patch for a zero...

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Sample - How To Post


Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by explaining what problem you are going to solve...

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Evernote and OneNote Fight For Note-Taking Supremacy

Do you ever feel like you’re being overrun with post-its? I do. They have managed to overrun both my desk at work and my one at home. Besides the post-its, there’s notebook paper everywhere (some of...

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Cloudpocalypse: Amazon Cloud Drive Rains on NSA’s Parade

In a previous post, we discussed how cloud computing firms are a little nervous about the future of their online services after Edward Snowden’s now infamous (or famous) leak of confidential NSA...

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11 Advancements in 2014 at TCI Technologies

They say the cure for a hangover is to crack open another beer, and fortunately for us, the day after Cinco de Mayo is another cause for celebration—TCI’s anniversary!

Since TCI’s inception, from...

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Silicon Valley and NSA go Toe-to-Toe Over Cloud Privacy

Cloud computing companies based out of the United States have had one hell of a time trying to reassure customers that the information they put in the cloud, stays in the cloud. With an increase in...

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