How to Recall a Sent Message in Outlook

Have you ever started writing an email to a colleague, and before you were ready to send it, you wound up accidentally hitting “send” somehow? As soon as it happened, you probably muttered some...

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How to Set the Default Browser to Chrome, Firefox, or IE

Whether you’ve set it or not, your computer has a default browser, which is the program that will open anytime you click on something linked to the Internet, such as a link in an email or a desktop...

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How to Restrict Internet Access Using Group Policy

No matter what size your company is, there are plenty of benefits to using Active Directory. Being able to control your network from a single location using Group Policy Objects makes managing all of...

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How Does Active Directory Work?

Active Directory is a system that allows an entire computer network to be controlled from a single, central location by a network administrator. Through the use of Group Policy Objects, the...

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