20 Years of Server Vulnerability Uncovered by Shellshock

If you thought that Heartbleed was bad, brace yourselves for the server vulnerability that we’re up against now. Last week, a 20-year-old bug was discovered that affects almost all Linux and Mac OS X...

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What is Ello? Where Did It Come From?

In short, it’s the new “anti-Facebook” that’s creating quite a buzz in digital media. But why is this different from every other time someone claimed to have made the “new Facebook,” and why are...

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Is Facebook Making Us Fat? This Social Media and Obesity Link May SHOCK You!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that the average Facebook user spends about 40 minutes a day on the network. Putting that into perspective, only 20% of Americans actually fulfill the CDC’s...

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Mixed Orientation PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft Office's PowerPoint is a pretty great tool for setting up presentations. It does however have its shortcomings. Take for example that you can’t change the slide orientation per slide. Some...

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What is iOS 8 QuickType and How Do I Make it Go Away?

Much like millions of other iPhone users, today I updated my iPhone 5S to the just-released iOS 8. We’ve already talked about a ton of the cool new iOS features when we discussed the iPhone 6...

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The Evolution of Modern Computing

Technology moves fast. In the past hundred years, we have moved from primitive machines, barely capable of simple mathematics equations, to mobile phones capable of taking photos, sharing data, and...

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iPhone 6 Plus Shipping Delays Are Ruining Everything

The pre-order for the new iPhone 6 is now fully underway…or is it? As per the Apple announcement event on Tuesday, pre-sale should have begun at 12AM PST, or 3AM EST (yuck, I know). Nevertheless, all...

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review

It’s official: the 8th generation iPhone is here, and it’s called the iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus). Right off the bat, what do you think of the new name? While I thought the C for Color was kind of...

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Will the iPhone 6 Offer a Mobile Payment System?

Tomorrow’s the big day for Apple-lovers everywhere: the unveiling of the iPhone 6 (or so we hope)! There’s some speculation floating around—from leaked photos and factory orders to mock-up drafts and...

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How to Clear Your Search Engine History

So now that you know what’s stored in your web browser history, let’s work on how to clear your search engine history. There could be plenty of reasons you’d want to erase your search history—you’re...

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What Information is Saved in My Web Browser History?

There are plenty of reasons that someone would want to clear their web browser history. To better understand these reasons, we should probably start by establishing exactly what types of things are...

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