The Frighteningly Awesome New Technology of 2014

 Spiders, snakes and darkness. They may be the favorite companions and pets of those upper-echelon villains that pervade our literature, films and streets on the 31st of October but, I have to say,...

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How to Backup to OneDrive and Save Yourself from Crashing Computers

With all of the press Apple has been getting over the past few weeks, it only makes sense that we start giving one of their primary competitors a look too. Just the other day I was looking on the Mac...

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The New iOS8 Update Features You Need to Know

Apple rolled out Yosemite last week to some pretty rave reviews and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The new flat design and simplified icons made for a more enjoyable and contemporary...

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Will Matchstick Blow Chromecast Out of the Water?

In light of a current Kickstarter project that has more than doubled its funding goal with just under a month left of fundraising time to go, it looks like Chromecast better get ready for company. ...

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Apple Releases OS X Patches for Shellshock Bug

Security experts across the globe have been working around the clock to create patches for the Shellshock bug that uncovered 20 years of server vulnerability on systems using Bash. It’s beginning to...

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