How to Make the Most of Those Black Friday Tech Deals

It’s hard to imagine that in just two days, you, me and millions of other Americans will roll out of bed, lace up our boots and risk our own personal well-being (all before the sun dares to show its’...

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The Cyber Monday Safety Tips You Need to Keep Your Finances Out of Harms Way

Black Friday is a week away, which, for me doesn’t mean much beyond seeing a million Black Friday status updates on my Facebook timeline. I don’t participate in Black Friday. The idea of shopping...

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The 3 Things You Should Expect from Your Long Island IT Provider

Whether you're just starting your first business or you have been in business for decades finding an IT provider and consultant is an essential part of any serious business today. We live an age...

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Free Microsoft Office Online Makes Your Office Mobile

For the past four years I have relied on a free subscription to Microsoft Office through my alma mater, Hofstra University. Then I graduated. My subscription disappeared and I was left between a rock...

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Benefits of Cloud Computing - The New Tech Revolution

Clouds used to be puffy white abstractions in the sky that served as the ground for gods, angels and the occasional demon (see Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel); then science came along. Clouds became a...

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