What is Encryption, and How Does it Work?

The art of encryption, a tactic for securing the secrecy of a message, is far from new. It’s likely you rely on encryption regularly but did not even realize it. Today, encrypting data to protect...

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How to Send Large Files Quickly and Securely

If you’ve had trouble sending certain files via email, don’t worry. It’s probably not a malicious virus that’s preventing your email from sending. Chances are, the file you’ve attached is just too...

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What is a Virtual CTO?

Is your business struggling with finding technology solutions to fit its needs? Do you believe you are losing money due to a lack of technological efficiency? A Virtual Chief Technology Officer,...

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Learn How to Change your Password on Any Device

Changing your password is not the same across all devices. For example, creating a new password on an iPhone is different than changing it on a Windows operating system, predictably. To ensure...

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6 Awesome Technology Trends to Expect in 2016

As technology reshapes the way we work, communicate and play, it’s clear that the future is now. It seems like new devices hit the marketplace quicker than the time it takes to restart your...

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