The History of Computer Viruses: a Quick Lesson

Computer viruses didn’t just manifest through natural means like biological bugs. They’re manmade, of course. But where and why did they start? This lesson on the history of computer viruses will...

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Should I Encrypt my Phone? If So, How do I do it?

For some reason, many people are under the impression that their smartphones are invulnerable to cyberattacks. That’s a dangerous assumption, especially with the increasing threat of ransomware....

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6 Actionable Ransomware Prevention Tips for Safer Data

Recently, we wrote a blog defining ransomware and detailing the threat it poses to the cybersecurity of businesses. After learning about it, most people seek out ransomware prevention methods to...

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What is Ransomware, and Why Should You Care?

Viruses like Locky and CryptoWall are plaguing the Internet. These malicious cyber-infections are known as ransomware. But, what is ransomware, exactly? And, perhaps more importantly, why should...

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