How to Enable File Encryption in Microsoft Office

Any business that deals with sensitive information has to be cautious with it. One way confidential data can be made secure is through file encryption. Your Microsoft Office files are a good place...

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Social Media Privacy Tips to Keep Your Info Safe

Despite widespread paranoia about Internet security, people share a remarkable amount of sensitive personal information on their social networking profiles. Usually, this isn’t on purpose. Many...

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How to Know if a Website is Safe: a Holiday Shopping Guide

Using the Internet to shop has become increasingly popular over the years and shows no sign of slowing down. As you make your holiday purchases from the comfort of your own computer this year, be...

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How and Why You Need to Protect Your Computer

Nowadays, our computers are used for nearly everything. As a result, they contain a ton of our personal information. Information that we don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Learning how to...

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Genius Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

One criticism of Windows 10 is that its interface is catered largely to touchscreens. Though it’s a valid argument, traditional PC users still have plenty of keyboard shortcuts at their disposal,...

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