What does the Future of Cloud Computing Hold?

Cloud computing and cloud storage aren’t new concepts. However, it’s becoming clearer every day that the cloud will be relied upon even more heavily in the future. Here’s how.

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Top 7 Cyber Security Risks in 2019 Revealed

Cyber threats evolve constantly, and each new threat is often more grave than the last. In this blog, we’ll break down a few of the top cyber security risks we are likely see in 2019.

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5 Great Microsoft Teams Features for Beginners

Introduced in 2016, Microsoft Teams now comes standard with most Office 365 subscriptions. In order to communicate and collaborate more effectively, familiarize yourself with these awesome...

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What You Need to Know about Latest DocuSign Scam Email

Hackers have done a pretty good job at impersonating DocuSign, a leading electronic signature company that many businesses rely on. Learn how to recognize and fight a recent DocuSign scam email...

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5 Awesome Productivity and Collaboration Apps for 2019

Technology in the workplace is all about increasing productivity and empowering employees to work smarter, not harder. These productivity and collaboration apps can help your team do just that in...

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