Ransomware Attack is Holding the City of Baltimore Hostage

During the last two weeks, the City of Baltimore has had all of its computer data encrypted due to an anonymous ransomware attack. Since the breach, email systems are offline, payments to city...

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The Windows XP Patch Doesn’t Equate to Security

Windows XP reached end of life in 2014, meaning Microsoft stopped issuing critical security updates for it. However, that hasn’t stopped people from using it. Hackers have been exploiting it like...

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Why Health Care Cyber Security Threats are Among the Most Dangerous

The health care industry has evolved for the better thanks to the latest technology that streamlines everything from clerical tasks to patient care. However, along with new technology comes new...

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Why Microsoft Office 365 Backup is Absolutely Critical

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most powerful, productive applications for most businesses. With Outlook, Word, Excel and more, it has just about every program a business could possibly need....

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