7 Key Reasons to Use a Password Manager

It’s a good practice to use a complex, unique password for every account you have. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to remember so many different login credentials. The solution is using a...

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How Not to Fall Victim to Voice Phishing Attacks

Voice phishing attacks are similar to phishing attacks—they trick you into giving sensitive information to criminals. However, most phishing attacks are carried out using the internet. Voice...

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7 Essential Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Windows 10 has been around for quite some time, but due to the popularity of Windows 7, many people are only just adopting Microsoft’s latest operating system now. If you’re one of these new...

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What is an Incident Response Plan, and What Does it Consist Of?

No organization is truly safe from cyberattacks. Even the most comprehensive cyber security strategies with state-of-the-art software falter from time to time. An incident response plan is...

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