4 Common Holiday Cyberattacks to Avoid this Season

The amount of money that consumers spend online has been steadily growing each year. There’s often a dramatic increase each November and December—the beginning of holiday shopping season. Watch...

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Orange County Ransomware Attack Delayed Start of School Year

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District of Central Valley, New York emailed parents on Tuesday, announcing that the school year would start a day late, on Thursday, September 5, thanks to a...

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4 Dangerous Router Attacks to Watch Out For

In the age of ransomware attacks and other data breaches, securing your network is more important than ever—and that includes Wi-Fi. Watch out for these common router attacks that can put a...

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What is Endpoint Security, and Why Is It Important?

With more and more employees using devices to connect to the company network remotely, endpoint security has become increasingly important. Read along to understand what it is, and why it’s vital...

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How Not to Fall Victim to Voice Phishing Attacks

Voice phishing attacks are similar to phishing attacks—they trick you into giving sensitive information to criminals. However, most phishing attacks are carried out using the internet. Voice...

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Why Health Care Cyber Security Threats are Among the Most Dangerous

The health care industry has evolved for the better thanks to the latest technology that streamlines everything from clerical tasks to patient care. However, along with new technology comes new...

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Fileless Malware Attacks: What are They, and How Do You Stop Them?

Traditional, run-of-the-mill malware usually makes its way onto a victim’s computer via the download of an infected file. However, that’s not always the case. Fileless malware attacks use tools...

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3 Webroot Features Employees Need to Know About

Webroot is one of the best cyber security solutions available on the market today. In this blog, we’ll briefly discuss how to use a few Webroot features so the average computer user can keep their...

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New Ransomware Relies on PayPal Phishing

An unfortunately clever new form of ransomware uses a PayPal phishing page in an attempt to steal your credit card information. Learn about this cyberattack to recognize it and avoid being scammed...

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Top 7 Cyber Security Risks in 2019 Revealed

Cyber threats evolve constantly, and each new threat is often more grave than the last. In this blog, we’ll break down a few of the top cyber security risks we are likely see in 2019.

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