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Cyber security is vastly important in the current state of business. However, since it can sometimes be a complicated process, there’s a fair amount of conflicting, outdated and downright inaccurate information that has led to various misconceptions on the topic. For this reason, we decided to break down a few of the most common cyber security myths that we’ve heard over the years.

4 of the Most Popular Cyber Security Myths Out There

Myth #1: Only Big Companies Need Cyber Security

There seems to be a prevailing notion in many industries that only big, important companies are targeted by cyber attacks. However, that’s one of the biggest cyber security myths going. No matter how off-the-radar you think you are, every company is at risk.

Just because breaches like Equifax and Yahoo dominate the headlines, the truth is that you never hear about thousands of other businesses that are targeted every year. In most cases, they’re either too small to make waves, or they just don’t want to admit they’ve been compromised.

In any case, no matter how small or large your company is, it always needs cyber security.

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Myth #2: Basic Anti-Virus Software is Sufficient

Although baseline anti-virus software has improved significantly in recent years, there still isn’t one that can protect your system from every kind of cyber attack.

These traditional applications work by using large databases to locate codes or signatures that have already been identified. The reality is that these databases don’t account for new types of malware and attacks that develop daily.

Software like Windows Defender is simply a first line of defense and shouldn’t be relied upon as the end-all-be-all of your cyber security efforts.

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Myth #3: An IT Department will Take Care of It

Another one of the top cyber security myths is that it’s solely the concern of a dedicated IT department. However, in truth, the brunt of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of employees.

If your staff is not adequately trained or prepped in identifying potential cyber security threats, they will be much more likely to unintentionally contract malware from sketchy emails or websites.

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Myth #4: Your Passwords are Strong Enough

No matter how many numbers or special characters your passwords contain, they’re probably still not strong enough to ward off multiple break-in attempts. No password is completely, 100 percent secure.

There’s always going to be a chance that your passwords could be thwarted, and that hackers can gain access to sensitive information about your business. Always make sure to have employees change passwords on a regular basis. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, it does help.

Cyber security myths and misconceptions will always be prevalent. But with a little bit of education on the matter, our world can become a much safer place. For any other cyber security concerns or questions your company may have, TCI is here, willing and able to help.

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