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With COVID-19 changing many of our daily functions, it’s also causing ripples in some unexpected places. One of which is cyber security. With the increase in targeted attacks and the proliferation of remote workers, challenges arose and necessitated solutions. However, these solutions may also lead to some cyber security trends we can anticipate seeing from here on out.

Top Cyber Security Trends Resulting from COVID-19

A United Front

Even though cyber security is a diverse, wide-ranging industry, everyone has seemingly come together to counter threats stemming from COVID-19. After all, many cyber criminals are attempting to take advantage of an already sensitive situation, especially in the healthcare industry, and it will take a great force to fight back.

That’s why the COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition (CTC) was created. This team of around 3,000 security professionals collects and vets data to diagnose and preempt threats.

Therefore, in the future, we may see a more cohesive, concentrated effort to fight cyber attacks. The CTC is even using intelligence feeds donated by countless cyber security companies. All in all, in this time of togetherness, it isn’t hard to see how it might become a universal cyber security trend.

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A Focus on Remote Security

From VPNs and encrypted data to phishing workshops and private video conferencing, there are many ways that businesses are trying to help remote workers become cyber secure. Besides, if businesses aren’t trying to protect employees that are working at home, it will generally be their data that suffers!

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A Reliance on Cloud

With more remote workers, cloud computing is starting to become more popular. Using the cloud, IT functions can be done over the internet rather than having to use a physical server or hard drive. Therefore, with more people utilizing cloud, we can expect to see more advancements than ever on this front, so keep an eye out.

In light of all these cyber security trends stemming from COVID-19, it’s important to remember that cyber security itself isn’t a trend. With that in mind, if you’re ever looking to take yours to the next level, TCI is here to help.

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