9 Things to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9

Although few official announcements have been made about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, plenty of information has been leaked to the internet. Here’s what we know about Samsung’s newest flagship...

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The Google Pixel 2: What should you Expect?

On October 4, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were officially announced, although there were several leaks beforehand. Here’s what you should expect from the new version of Google’s flagship...

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The 7 Sweetest Android Oreo Features

Android Oreo was officially unveiled on August 23, and is expected to be available on most Android-friendly devices by February 2018. As with past Android updates, Oreo has been met with mixed...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Features and More

At long last, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is ready to hit the market. In this blog, we’ll discuss our favorite features of the newest Galaxy as we excitedly anticipate its release. Let’s begin!

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The 7 Sweetest Features of Android Nougat

The staggered release of Google’s latest and greatest operating system to Android devices has been frustrating for many, to say the least. But, as more and more devices receive the Android Nougat...

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Is it Possible to Get an Android Virus?

For whatever reason, many people are under the impression that their smartphones are impervious to cyberattacks. The source of this myth is unknown, but it’s certainly founded on falsehoods. To...

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How to Sync Android and Windows 10 Notifications

If you want to get notifications on your Windows 10 PC from your mobile device, Microsoft won’t make you purchase a Windows Phone. All you have to do is learn how to sync Android with Windows 10,...

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Android Marshmallow Key Features Make Users’ Lives Easier

Android’s Marshmallow update is now available for certain, but not all, devices. While it’s not a complete overhaul of their Lollipop operating system, there will be some exciting updates. Below...

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