Video Conferencing Apps to Help Businesses Collaborate

With businesses in flux due to the coronavirus pandemic, workplaces are relying on video conferencing apps to maintain their status quo. They are helping people work together and replicate their...

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What is Zoom-Bombing, and How to Prevent it during Meetings

With many people under shelter in place orders, video-conferencing apps are on the rise among businesses, organizations and educational institutions. The most popular of which is Zoom. However,...

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5 Awesome Productivity and Collaboration Apps for 2019

Technology in the workplace is all about increasing productivity and empowering employees to work smarter, not harder. These productivity and collaboration apps can help your team do just that in...

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The 7 Best Windows 10 Apps for Business

A while back, we wrote a blog about five of our favorite productivity apps. We still love all the software listed in that blog, but there’s just so much more out there that we’d like to share. So...

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Skype for Business App Preview Available for iOS & Android

Skype for Business, which has the capability to video conference 250 people at once, will soon be in the palm of your hand.

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New Spartan Web Browser Could Serve As Microsoft's Last Stand

Spartan. It's a word that still carries a fair amount of weight despite the fact that the warriors that originally gave the word its' gravitas have been dead for over 2000 years. Unfortunately,...

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Free Microsoft Office Online Makes Your Office Mobile

For the past four years I have relied on a free subscription to Microsoft Office through my alma mater, Hofstra University. Then I graduated. My subscription disappeared and I was left between a rock...

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The Frighteningly Awesome New Technology of 2014

 Spiders, snakes and darkness. They may be the favorite companions and pets of those upper-echelon villains that pervade our literature, films and streets on the 31st of October but, I have to say,...

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The New iOS8 Update Features You Need to Know

Apple rolled out Yosemite last week to some pretty rave reviews and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The new flat design and simplified icons made for a more enjoyable and contemporary...

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Will Matchstick Blow Chromecast Out of the Water?

In light of a current Kickstarter project that has more than doubled its funding goal with just under a month left of fundraising time to go, it looks like Chromecast better get ready for company. ...

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