Is Microsoft Office 365 Worth it for Businesses?

It’s virtually impossible for companies to do business without word processors and spreadsheets. Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular of all, but some business owners are turned off by its...

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New York Cybersecurity Law: How to Comply

Since March 1, 2017, most businesses in New York State were required to implement a cybersecurity policy thanks to a New York cybersecurity law entitled 23 NYCRR Part 500. On February 15, 2018,...

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How the Main Street Cybersecurity Act affects your Business

Cyberattacks can potentially cripple small businesses, the lifeblood of the American economy. For that reason, the United States Senate passed the Main Street Cybersecurity Act, which aims to...

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How Small Businesses can Combat Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is on the rise, and, unfortunately, small businesses are top targets. No matter the type of product or service your business sells, it’s potentially susceptible to fraud. That’s...

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5 Signs your Business Phone System is Outdated

Despite the proliferation of text messaging, video conferencing and emails, having a reliable business phone system is crucial to smooth operations. You may not even realize that your business’...

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