Common Types of Malware to Watch for and Steer Clear of

If you have a computer, you’ve probably heard of malware. Although there are many different types of malware – and new variations are created constantly – we are only going to focus on the top...

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5 Common Types of Viruses you Should Know About

Computer viruses have been around since shortly after the internet’s inception. While virtually everyone is aware of their existence, few people are familiar with the types of viruses and how they...

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The Top 4 Most Terrifying Computer Viruses

A while back we wrote a blog that discussed the inception and evolution of computer viruses. We focused on the ones that were the most important in terms of outlining how modern viruses, malware...

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The History of Computer Viruses: a Quick Lesson

Computer viruses didn’t just manifest through natural means like biological bugs. They’re manmade, of course. But where and why did they start? This lesson on the history of computer viruses will...

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What is Malware, and how can I Avoid it?

Whether they know it or not, any person who has used a computer has been confronted with malware. But what is malware, anyway, and how can it be prevented from infecting a computer?

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