What Does a Managed Service Provider Actually Do?

“Managed service provider” is a generic term that gets thrown around a lot, but isn’t always explained as thoroughly as it should be. In this blog, we’ll provide a few examples of things managed...

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5 Key Questions to Ask an IT Company on Long Island

Internet outages. Cyberattacks. Outdated software and hardware. All of these things, while easily avoidable, can disrupt or even completely halt business operations. If you’re in search of an IT...

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How Outsourced Tech Solutions Can Help your Business

If your business depends on technology to ensure smooth operations, you know how stressful and inconvenient it is when that technology malfunctions. Whether your infrastructure is faulty, your...

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What Does an IT Support Company Even Do?

Since technology is integral to the operations of your business, it’s vital to have qualified professionals to manage it. You may be thinking about hiring an IT support company instead of using an...

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What is Malware, and how can I Avoid it?

Whether they know it or not, any person who has used a computer has been confronted with malware. But what is malware, anyway, and how can it be prevented from infecting a computer?

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How a Long Island Computer Consultant Can Keep Your Business Secure

Our world was decidedly simpler when there was no omnipresent threat of cyber-terror or cyber-vandalism. Today's computer world is not the happy go-lucky world of developers dedicated to opening up...

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Apple Releases OS X Patches for Shellshock Bug

Security experts across the globe have been working around the clock to create patches for the Shellshock bug that uncovered 20 years of server vulnerability on systems using Bash. It’s beginning to...

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20 Years of Server Vulnerability Uncovered by Shellshock

If you thought that Heartbleed was bad, brace yourselves for the server vulnerability that we’re up against now. Last week, a 20-year-old bug was discovered that affects almost all Linux and Mac OS X...

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How to Clear Your Search Engine History

So now that you know what’s stored in your web browser history, let’s work on how to clear your search engine history. There could be plenty of reasons you’d want to erase your search history—you’re...

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What Information is Saved in My Web Browser History?

There are plenty of reasons that someone would want to clear their web browser history. To better understand these reasons, we should probably start by establishing exactly what types of things are...

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