Should You Pay Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the scariest cyberattacks to deal with. Typically, a big, alarming message pops up on your computer, alerting you that all of your files have been locked and will be...

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Orange County Ransomware Attack Delayed Start of School Year

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District of Central Valley, New York emailed parents on Tuesday, announcing that the school year would start a day late, on Thursday, September 5, thanks to a...

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Ransomware Attack is Holding the City of Baltimore Hostage

During the last two weeks, the City of Baltimore has had all of its computer data encrypted due to an anonymous ransomware attack. Since the breach, email systems are offline, payments to city...

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New Ransomware Relies on PayPal Phishing

An unfortunately clever new form of ransomware uses a PayPal phishing page in an attempt to steal your credit card information. Learn about this cyberattack to recognize it and avoid being scammed...

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What You Need to know about KeyPass Ransomware

KeyPass ransomware is a global cyberattack that has been gaining more and more traction over the few months. Understand how to identify and prevent this Trojan-style attack to keep your files from...

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How to Avoid Ransomware Attacks in 2018

The frequency of ransomware attacks exploded between 2016 and 2017, and there’s no sign that they’re just going to disappear any time soon. Quite the opposite, actually: hackers are designing even...

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WannaCry Ransomware: What is it, and how do I Stop it?

The outbreak of the ransomware, known as WannaCry, has quickly become one of the worst cyberattacks in recent memory. On Friday, May 12, 2017, it began infecting thousands upon thousands of...

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The Top 4 Most Terrifying Computer Viruses

A while back we wrote a blog that discussed the inception and evolution of computer viruses. We focused on the ones that were the most important in terms of outlining how modern viruses, malware...

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Ransomware Attacks now Target Remote Desktop Protocol

Ransomware has gained serious notoriety over the last few years. Bugs like CryptoWall and Locky have claimed countless victims through a variety of tactics, particularly spoof emails. But...

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6 Actionable Ransomware Prevention Tips for Safer Data

Recently, we wrote a blog defining ransomware and detailing the threat it poses to the cybersecurity of businesses. After learning about it, most people seek out ransomware prevention methods to...

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