How to Clear Your Search Engine History

So now that you know what’s stored in your web browser history, let’s work on how to clear your search engine history. There could be plenty of reasons you’d want to erase your search history—you’re...

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What Information is Saved in My Web Browser History?

There are plenty of reasons that someone would want to clear their web browser history. To better understand these reasons, we should probably start by establishing exactly what types of things are...

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How to Recall a Sent Message in Outlook

Have you ever started writing an email to a colleague, and before you were ready to send it, you wound up accidentally hitting “send” somehow? As soon as it happened, you probably muttered some...

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How to Set the Default Browser to Chrome, Firefox, or IE

Whether you’ve set it or not, your computer has a default browser, which is the program that will open anytime you click on something linked to the Internet, such as a link in an email or a desktop...

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Five Steps to a Healthier, Slimmer iPhone

So. Many. Yellow. Bars. At least that’s what it looked like… A few weeks ago, I plugged my iPhone into my computer with the intent to upload the entirety of the Harry Potter and the Order of the...

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The 5 Most Common Tech Support Problems We’ve ever Seen

If you have a computer, you’ve probably had a computer problem. The severity of each problem can range from just having a slow computer to the infamous SBBOD (Spinning Beach Ball of Death). No matter...

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Fantastic Computer Viruses and How to Beat Them

In our last blog we discussed how to diagnose whether your computer has been infected by a virus or malware (or any other kind of insert-prefix-here ware). It’s important to be able to diagnose the...

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A How to Guide on Battling Computer Viruses One PC at a Time

What is a Computer Virus?

Viruses, spyware, adware, malware, scareware, ransomware, worms (yay! one that doesn’t have ‘ware’ at the end), rootkits, bots and droppers (gross) are all potential...

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Zero Day Exploit is Cause for Concern for IE Users

Load your anti-virus software, back up your hard drives, and prepare yourself for the internet hack of a lifetime. Wait…put everything on hold for a minute. Microsoft just issued a patch for a zero...

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How to Boost Your Company’s Findability

Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to find your keys when you’re in a rush? They’re never where you’d expect them to be. You may have even bought that little $5 organizer thing that you...

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