How Google Drive Stacks Up Against Office Online

Microsoft Office has been the go-to office suite for businesses around the world since its introduction in November of 1990. With very few viable alternatives to choose from, small businesses have...

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Windows XP Update: Preparing for the End of an Era

Do you remember your first toy? For some people it was a teddy bear, for others it was a doll, and then there were those poor, unfortunate souls who got a pet rock. Regardless of what the toy was,...

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How Ancient Software Affects Your Bottom Line -- Upgrade Windows XP

Upgrading all of the hardware in your workplace can be a bit scary. The common fears are a hefty, upfront cost, potentially losing data, and that any combination of the two could result in a loss of...

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What Will Happen with Windows XP Apps at XP End of Life?

April 8th, 2014 will be the end of an era for Microsoft as they terminate support for Windows XP. For the past 10 years, people have used the company’s first mass-market operating system, and in just...

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Glitter: The Apex of Computer Security Products

The Night Sky: A Source of Security

In honor of the return of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos to television, we are going to take a minute to appreciate the night sky. Being so close to a major city can make it...

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Alternative to Putting Your Water-Logged Phone in Rice

Water, the bane of the smartphone’s existence, has been responsible for the deaths of Androids, iPhones, and pretty much every other neutral-colored, metal, and glass-covered mobile device. Users...

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Google Maps: Tips and Tricks

Everybody has had that moment when they are trying to get somewhere, they’re running a little late, and they’re using Google Maps or another GPS device. Then they enter a dead zone. Even the calmest,...

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Windows 8 Switch List – Learning Curve

We’ve already discussed the Windows 8 Charms bar in a previous tech tip. Today we look at the Windows 8 “Switch List”. Similar to the Charms bar the Windows 8 Switch List is a navigation bar that...

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Windows 8 Charms – Learning Curve

For first time users, Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, can be a bit overwhelming. The key to remaining productive with Windows 8 is to learn the new interface elements that are...

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MS Outlook Attachment Reminder and Google Attachment Notification

How frustrating is it when you write an email to someone, intending to attach a relevant document, only to find that you forgot to actually attach it after you’ve already hit “send”? Before I knew...

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